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Access control

T-Series Reader

BDR install and service a range of access control products to suit every need and budget.  Each system has different strengths and is better suited to certain situations.  BDR Security can help talk through your unique situation and devise the best solution for you.

Access Control is effectively the gateway to your organisations security.  It tackles the questions of ‘Who, When and Where’, being ‘who’ has access to which areas of your site at what time.  It is an essential part of every security system and can often be overlooked when planning your site security.  BDR Security employees have over 30 years of industry experience. ​

Benefits of Access Control:​


  • Control of who goes where and when

  • Instant Enabling/Disabling of cards and access to site

  • Full Audit Trail of who has entered each zone and of changes made to the system

  • Arming & Disarming of alarmed areas

  • Electronic tag systems to protect against theft of equipment

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