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  • Intruder detection is a critical part of securing your premises, It combines a range of technologies to detect a range of different things within your site. 

  • From intruder movement (internal or external) to temperature changes in a room, a duress alarm or a door or window being opened. These detectors can be set and unset either by time schedule, keypad or remote push button.  Each technology is designed to detect when something or someone is present and shouldn’t be.

  • BDR Security are experts in the design and installation of intruder systems, and have a wealth of experience in knowing where detectors should be placed to protect against unauthorised entry to your site.

  • Once an intruder has been detected, they can be deterred from remaining in the premises, an external monitoring company can be alerted to take appropriate action, and you can be alerted via sms or email.  BDR Security can offer expert advice on the best action plan to suit your situation.