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Video Surveillance

Security Camera

There are a range of video surveillance options to suit different situations. We can help find the best system for your needs.​

Got an existing system?  We can service it or upgrade it for you so you get the best out of your existing infrastructure.

Here's some things to note when considering video surveillance:

  • Coverage requirements – points of entry, number plate recognition, person identification, facial recognition, and this coverage is provided by multiple cameras or a single High Definition IP camera.

  • Storage requirements – how many days do you want to store the footage and at what resolution before overwriting begins.  Automated archiving is an excellent option if you require footage to be kept.

  • Viewing and playback - how do you want to interact with your system?

  • Does it need to reside on your corporate network?  Do you need to involve your IT department?

  • Cyber Security - some manufacturers have a better reputation for cyber security than others.  You want to be sure you're picking a product that aligns with your stance on cyber security, not just price.

We're happy to have a more in depth conversation about your video surveillance requirements.

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